Meet the Founders

Titus and Gloria Wiggins are the founders of Called To Destiny, a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization formed to empower Christians through the revelation knowledge of Jesus Christ. A key mandate is to restore biblical literacy to the Body of Christ by inspiring them to walk in their God-ordained purpose.

About Called to Destiny Ministries

Called To Destiny ministries has made several resources available to the Body of Christ. Our mission is to inspire! We accomplish this through several means...books, workshops, conferences and more. It is not our desire to replace churches or any other ministry operating within the Body of Christ. We have a special call, grace and anointing to excavate purpose where it seemingly is hidden or dormant. I encourage you, if you have been inspired by something that is written on this website...take action. Don't delay availing yourself of our many offerings.

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Truth Points

Because we love the truth - the Word of God, we seek out ways to share with the Body of Christ. Our monthly distribution of Truth Points is designed to inspire Believers to walk in truth in practical ways. It is enlightening, inspiring and often times thought provoking. Our intent is not to pacify, but to cause you to 'shift' your thinking. We welcome you as part of our community. Head to the blog to start reading.

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Not sure if you'll like the book? Join us for a Book Expo where we expound on key chapters of the book. Additionally, you'll have an opportunity to meet the author, founder and visionary of Called To Destiny Ministries. There you'll experience her passionate pursuit for purpose.

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Retreats, Bible Studies, Workshops and Conferences

Retreats - Become one with God as you get to know His heart for your life.
- Join us for an all women conference where there is fellowship, laughter, purging and and of course a "right now" Word for your season.
Bible Studies - Join us bi-weekly for encouragement during your daily walk. The topics are always relevant!

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