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welcome to called to destiny ministries

Your Purpose is greater than your Circumstance

Learn how gaining a higher perspective will allow you to overcome your circumstances and discover a life of passion.

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Discover Your Highest Purpose.

Embrace hope! Embrace encouragement! Embrace life! You are a part of a Body called Believers! It is our firm belief that you nor your situation are victims of circumstance. You are not an accident. You were created with forethought and purpose. Join us for one of our many events to explore your past, assess your present and project onto your future (with 20/20 precision) the path that God has designed especially for you.

It's Time to Start Living.

Called to Destiny is a teaching ministry that offers relevancy through practical life experiences. The purposes of God are resident and nurtured in our everyday experiences. Our mandate is to help the Body of Christ understand that  and walk in the full manifestation of what God has ordained. Indeed the vision is for an appointed time (Habakkuk 2:4). We are instructed to write down the vision and wait on it. Waiting is not an idle exercise but implies in the Greek - service. I challenge your to preoccupy your life with serving others while your circumstances conform to the purposes of God. The purposes of God are bestowed to you to carry out on earth.

Take Back Your Life.

Arrest pain in your life! You might be look at others and believe that they don't understand your pain. Or they haven't been through what you've been through...which might be true. However...let me assure you...we all have pain. Pain doesn't discriminate - rich, poor, old, young, Black, White, Asian. We all experience pain. The question is what do you do with your pain? Don't allow your pain to rob you of life. Take back your life, by taking authority over pain. We can show you how. Contact us and we'll determine the best approach to possess your victory.

What People Are Saying

“Thank you! I know God has a great destiny and purpose for you and I know He will help you fulfill it all!”
margarette Phillips
“Praise God! I am glad to hear that yet another one of God's chosen generation is taking her rightful place in furthering the kingdom.”
Deanna Nkwankwo
“This is wonderful! ...I can see your weekly wisdom showing up [with] established spiritual writings.”
Donna Hinds-Haynes
“This book changed my life!”
Abbie Huckleby
“Thanks for the encouragement!”
Ashley West
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